Spinelli is Tops for Service

Spinelli is Tops for Service
Say goodbye to wasted time, long hours spent in an uncomfortable waiting room and needless loss of work time. At Spinelli, we understand that your time is precious!

At Groupe Spinelli, we have one priority: your absolute satisfaction, without loss of time or unnecessary travel. After all, who wants to spend a morning waiting for automobile repair without available Wi-Fi and enough space to work comfortably on a laptop?

The answer is simple: nobody!

Because we wanted to make each and every visit to our dealership a pleasant experience, in 2012 Groupe Spinelli adopted an innovative customer service policy supported by an absolute guarantee of efficiency: Spinelli Extra Service.

Service at times that are convenient for you

Like most customers, don't you hate having to miss work and get up at dawn to go stand in line outside your dealership's locked door? At Spinelli, those days are gone: Monday to Friday the service shops open at 7AM, plus you can pick up your vehicle as late as 9PM. To give you even more flexibility, the service shops are also open on Saturday from 10AM. to 4PM.! The showrooms are open Monday to Friday from 9AM. to 9PM. and Saturday from 10AM. to 4PM. So you have all the time in the world to drive your vehicle to the shop, or check out the new models!

A waiting room you'll never want to leave

Don't feel like waiting for your vehicle? Spinelli offers a shuttle service or, for even more convenience, courtesy cars. Would you prefer to wait? With the full range of services in our waiting room, you can make optimal use of your time: we offer a free internet connection, enough space for you to work, comfortable chairs and coffee. At Spinelli, waiting is never a waste of time; it's an enjoyable experience!

In a hurry? No problem!

Express Service is designed for you: Spinelli's goal is to serve you in less than 60 minutes! Our Express Service is available for tire rotation, oil and air filter changes, brake inspection or replacement of headlights, battery or wipers. We even take the time to do a basic inspection!

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