Winter tire installation and or replacement in Quebec

Winter tire installation and or replacement in Quebec

Winter tire installation and or replacement in Quebec: What you need to know!

Did you know that starting in 2019, the deadline to install your winter tires will change from December 15 to December 1? Indeed, the ministère des Transports du Québec announced a few weeks ago that it would extend the period during which winter tires are mandatory, moving the deadline for installation by 2 weeks. For its part, the March 15 date—namely the last day of winter tire “season”—stays the same. But regardless, Spinelli dealerships are always ready to install winter tires close to Laval, Île Perrot and the West Island! Whether you need to change your summer tires or install your winter tires, contact us today if you are looking for qualified technicians to change your tires in Montreal; stop waiting and have your tires replaced at Spinelli!

Forcing drivers to put winter tires on their vehicles on the 1st of December is meant as a way to not only overcome the surprise effects of early winter storms, but also to prevent loss of rubber grip on summer or all-season tires. Indeed, by having your winter tires installed close to Laval in October or in November, you will avoid finding yourself with tires that have lost part of their grip when the temperature drops below 7 degrees. This measure will only affect a small percentage of car owners, since the majority of them usually switch to winter tires well before the target date.

And if you allow a word of advice, it is useless to rush on the morning of March 16 to switch back to summer tires! If early-winter storms can cause quite a few headaches for drivers, the possibility of late-winter storms can have the same result and this, whether it comes in the form of melting snow, ice storm or an outright snow storm, such as Quebec often experiences at the end of March, if not even in April. It is always wiser to wait a few weeks before replacing your tires in Montreal or elsewhere in the province!

To find out more about the services offered at our servicing and maintenance department, to purchase one of our used vehicles in inventory or to submit a financing request, come by to see us today at one of our Spinelli dealerships close to Île Perrot and the West Island! Whether it is for purchasing or repairing a vehicle, or to replace your tires in Montreal, find out more about our advantageous Spinelli promotions!

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